Job search tips

Even though it's a holiday season employers are still hiring in Christmas holidays. Effectively execute your job search strategies and try to grab the opportunity of landing your dream job in early January to start a new year with assurance. Below are some best experts job search tips for 2012.

Build your job search strategy: - It's very hard to maintain positive job search attitude when you get frustrated several times. Job seekers keep applying for jobs but don't get any response. It is obvious that in the flood of applications employers call only the candidates who best suites for the job. When you don't get any response from the employer it doesn't mean that you lack something but you need to apply for the job that best suites your credentials. Don't waste your and hiring manager's time by keep applying each and every vacancy that is advertised. If you really lack some skills that are required for your career you should consider improving those skills. Focus on the vacancies that are most relevant to your qualifications. Write job specific resume and cover letter. When you will apply for very few but relevant jobs you will have time to prepare. Job seekers often keep applying for each and every advertisement they see and when they don't get any response it discourages them. Then they slowly start to loose confidence and many times give up the job search process.

Don't hesitate to follow up: - Most people just submit their applications and hope someone will reply to them. Sometimes human resource manager can ignore your application or he/she deletes your e-mail even before looking at it. Applicants think he has applied for the vacancy and wait for the reply. But he/she gets frustrated when don't get any response from the employer. Applicants should try at least 3 times to follow up the employer through phone and e-mail. Also consider writing follow up letter that includes your all qualifications. You could also take advantages of professional networking sites such as Linked In. Every job needs different follow up strategy according to job.

Know status of the job opening: - Most job seekers apply for the jobs that are no longer open. Many job boards list outdated jobs. Applicants get frustrated when they don't get response from the employers but they don't know job position is already filled. First enquire about the vacancy by directly contacting recruiting person. Consider Seasonal work: - Experts recommend giving seasonal work for folks who want to take different approach to their job hunt. Fringe benefit of a seasonal work is to be able to fully commit and try out new field, location. Anyone can do seasonal job for 3 or 6 months and see if he/she likes it. This type of work is very beneficial if you want to reassess your skills set and wanting to take new and exciting path of your career.