How to write a resume

A resume is a brief and concise presentation of your professional and academic credentials. This information is presented in a way that employer can get full idea of why you qualify for the job. To make your resume shorter keep in mind that you are writing your resume for getting an interview not for directly getting hired. People often write a resume, as the purpose of it is to land a job. Your resume can't land you job but it can get you a crucial interview. That's why your resume needs to get noticed. Effectively presenting your skills by playing the game of words can make recruited glance at your resume.

Collect your credentials: - While making your resume find out what are your most marketable skills. What are employers want to see in resume. Read job advertisements carefully to make job specific resume. Gather your all-marketable skills and sort in most relevant order followed by less relevant. Don't list skills that are not relevant to the job.

Make use of action words: - In current tough job market where unemployment rates are to its heights employers get too many applications compared to the vacancies. To shortlist resume they use resume-scanning software. Recruiter run search queries in this software based on job requirements. Guess what, if your resume don't have the job related keyword your resume will fail in the scanning process. You are out of consideration even before recruiter reads your resume. To find out proper keywords for your resume, carefully study the job descriptions, requirements, desired candidate profile and related vacancy posts. Research the company website.

Properly format your resume: - Make your resume easily readable. Keep constant formatting. Utilize bullets in appropriate sections. Employer won't like long paragraphs. Don't make it too crowded to fit it in one page. Keep enough white space in the resume. Study professional resume templates, which are available for free over the Internet.

Proofread It: - Make sure you have listed all the updated and correct information. Proofread your resume for typos and other common resume mistakes. Ask your friends, family members, and relatives to proofread your resume. Even though you write your resume very carefully you can make mistake while writing your own resume and you wont realize. When your friend find out a mistake you will be amazed oops you did it? Yes it happens when writing curriculum vitae for your own. Make sure you have listed updated contact information. People often forget to update their cell phone numbers.