How to make a resume for fresher

Recent college grades and freshers lack job experience so the resume for this type of situation needs to be written independently. When you have no or very little experience in your desired job profile you need to convince the potential employer by presenting your key skills and qualifications. It is possible that you might have internship and other volunteer work experiences. But most of times these experiences are not relevant to the field you have chosen. So you have to be careful while listing your job experiences. Having now experience doesn't mean that you won't get interview. You need to effectively showcase your credentials to the potential employer and convince him that you are capable to handle the responsibilities.

When it comes to writing a resume on your own it seems very difficult task. If you prepare and give enough time to write a resume you can minimise your efforts. When you will start to write a resume on your own you will come to know that it involves more steps than you expected. Learn how to make a resume with below mentioned tips and craft out an attention grabbing resume that can get you crucial interviews.

It is suggested that freshers should tailor their resume according to job requirements. This mean you should write a job targeted resume. Don't just send same resume for each vacancy. Tailor your resume according to each job requirements. It will show the employer that you are really interested in job and it 'll even make positive impact. To make job targeted resume which includes the most relevant information that is needed for job you must research about company and employer needs. Read the job advertisement carefully. You will get idea of what employer is looking in a potential candidate. Research about the company and employer to know the policies of company and how you need to present yourself. You can visit company website. Contact the employees of the company and learn about the company from them. You might get very valuable tips from them to convince the hiring manager.

Resume for freshers should be no more than 1-2 pages long. Single page resume is even better. As freshers don't have experiences they can easily fit all the required information on single sheet of paper. Don't include irrelevant information. Though don't make your resume crowded. If you have more information which can't feet on single page resume your resume can go two pages long. Make your resume easy to read and keep constant gaps in the sections. Use standard font size of 12pt and use professional fonts such as Arial or Times. Avoid using stylish fonts, funky designs and graphics in a resume unless you are applying in art related fields. Use professional looking resume formats. Don't use pronouns such as 'I' and 'Me' in your resume. Carefully write your contact information. Make sure you have listed all the updated contact numbers. Use professional looking E-mail IDs. Below contact section start your resume by listing Relevant Education and Certifications. You can also list internship programs, volunteer work and/or participation in social events if it is relevant to the job you are applying.

Freshers need to highly concentrate on showcasing their key skills to the employer, and prove him how you are best person who can handle the responsibilities of the position.