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Our free online resume maker helps you get the first meeting with the prospective employer. That is the underlying importance of having a well written resume. It tells an employer a great deal about us. In today's competitive job market, a well-written resume is the single most important factor in getting our foot in the door and on the way to landing the perfect position.

In today’s fast paced environment, resume is our advertising board for head hunters and HR managers in private and government companies. The resume needs to be precise, attractive and clearly showing the skill sets and achievements. We need to put effort in crafting the resume so that it makes it to top in a bunch of resumes submitted for a particular job. The first thing we need to ensure that the resume should create enough interest in employer's mind that he or she calls you for an interview. Most of the people try to write an epic manuscript detailing entire career in resume. One needs to understand a head hunter or human resource manger is going through hundreds of resume to select right candidate for the company. In such situation a well crafted resume should be neat and concise which will give enough information to reader for second thought.

For an instance I am applying for a Database administrator job. In my resume I will show my total experience, recent experience, skill set both functional and technical and I am able to give bullet points about these categories. The reader will get complete sense about my profile in first page itself. This will create interest and curiosity in readers mind.

So we have to ask ourself question how we will read a candidate’s resumes. Will we go through all pages of resume or will we scan first page and see if it comes close to our requirement?

The details which should be easy to spot on our free resume maker are:
Name and contact details
The skill sets and certification/trainings

In the first page summery block states our profile and total experience. This should include what is our current experience and what is our core competence. Once we have taken care of such important things then we can go on to next page detailing briefly but clearly your current and past experience. Most of the time head hunters will look for primary and secondary skills in our resume. If the primary skills are in our most recent experience then you have good chance for being called for interview. Let’s see a free resume maker help given below.

Resume maker help -

Keep name and contact details such as address, phone number and e-mail address on top of the first page. Always write the full name. Write short summery about your self. This should tell reader about your experience, expertise and the knowledge you carry. This shouldn’t be more then 5-7 lines long. Next show the skill sets both functional and technical, if you have taken trainings or have completed any certifications, list them neatly with dates. The dates tell how recently and how up-to-date you are with technology. Now is the time to write your experience giving clear information about the company/client where you worked, date period, in what capacity and the role and duties. Your role and duties should present clear picture to reader, where you expert in this role and the work you were doing as expert, independently or in a passive mode (team work). Now putting references on resume is optional, some people prefer to keep references in resume so that it puts more credibility to resume. I would not recommend that, rather I will put couple of lines that references can be provided upon request.

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