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How To Make A Resume For Freshers

Recent college grads and freshers lack job experience so the resume for this type of situation needs to be written independently. When you have no or very little experience in your desired job profile you need to convince the potential employer by presenting your key skills and qualifications. It is possible that you might have internship and other volunteer work experiences. But most of times these experiences are not relevant to the field you have chosen. So you have to be careful while listing your job experiences. Having now experience doesn't mean that you won't get interview. You need to effectively showcase your credentials to the potential employer and convince him that you are capable to handle the responsibilities. Read More

How To Write A Good Resume

A resume is a brief and concise presentation of your professional and academic credentials. This information is presented in a way that employer can get full idea of why you qualify for the job. To write your resume shorter keep in mind that you are writing your resume for getting an interview not for directly getting hired. People often write a resume, as the purpose of it is to land a job. Your resume can't land you job but it can get you a crucial interview. That's why your resume needs to get noticed. Effectively presenting your skills by playing the game of words can make recruited glance at your resume. Read More

Job search tips

Even though it's a holiday season employers are still hiring in Christmas holidays. Effectively execute your job search strategies and try to grab the opportunity of landing your dream job in early January to start a new year with assurance. Below are some best experts job search tips for 2012. Read More

Free Resume Maker

Our free online resume maker helps you get the first meeting with the prospective employer. That is the underlying importance of having a well written resume. It tells an employer a great deal about us. In today's competitive job market, a well-written resume is the single most important factor in getting our foot in the door and on the way to landing the perfect position. Read More

Free Online Resume Writing

Professional resume/cv writing services are listed below. They write resumes for all occupations from entry level to executive, and not just technical resumes as our site name implies. Your resume/cv is your calling card and an employer's first impression of you. You don't get a second chance. Make your first shot your best shot! Read More

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